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Follow easy steps to secure Outlook mail account

steps to secure Outlook mail account

Steps to Secure Outlook Mail Account

Outlook is a very helpful email account for the users which is convenient to use for both the personal as well as professional uses. It has a variety of features for the users making it convenient for them to manage their email related work. It is very important for the users to keep their account secured which will help them to get the safe access of their account and make it convenient for them to work on it.

In order to secure their account, here are some steps to secure outlook mail account making it easy for the users to work on it.

  • Protect your outlook account password
  • Make sure that the password is well chosen
  • Visit the security & privacy section
  • Verify the account with security code
  • Select backup email address or phone number to get the code
  • Set-up two steps verification method
  • Go to the ‘Security & privacy’ page
  • Windows will suggest you to use windows app to make the account safe
  • Scan the QR code displayed on screen
  • Consider checking the ‘Security & privacy’ page
  • Check if there is any device unremoved from ‘security info’ or ‘App passwords’

These steps will help the users to make their outlook account secure and allow the users to secure their account which will make it easy for them to continue their work on it. if still the users face any issue while working on their outlook account then they are not required to get panic and immediately get the solution for their issue. Users can call on the Outlook customer service number and get connected with the experts who will provide them the assured solution for their issues. The experts will provide them the assured solution 24/7 for their issues and enable them to continue their work.


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