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How do you know if someone has read your email in Outlook?

know if someone has read your email in Outlook

Steps to know if someone has read your email in Outlook

It is always good to keep track of whether the person has read your email or not to whom you sent the email. It fulfils your great portion of sending the email. In Outlook delivery receipt confirms that your email has been delivered to the recipient’s email box and a read receipt confirms that your message was opened. So to know if someone has at least opened your email and read it also in Outlook you need a read receipt. However in this process the message receiver need to accept to send read receipts. To track your email you can follow below steps:

First on the File tab, choose Options > Mail.

Under Tracking, you need to select the Read receipt which confirms the recipient viewed the message check box.

After that to check whether your email was read or not follow below steps:

  1. First open the original email that you sent with a request for a read receipt. This message is usually there in the Sent Items folder.
  2. On the Message tab, in the Show group, choose Tracking.

This is how you can know if someone has read your email in Outlook.

As mentioned it is great to know that the recipient of the email sent by you has read your email. You can follow above mentioned steps to know if someone has read your email in Outlook. You need recipient to send read receipts then only this is possible.

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