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How do you stop spam emails on Outlook email account

How do you stop spam emails on Outlook email account

Steps to stop spam emails on Outlook email account

The most annoying thing on the email account is getting the spam email which unnecessarily occupies the space in the account and also makes the users suffer their work.

The spam mails also make the work of users go slowly and feel them irritated. In order to overcome this situation, users are required to go through the given steps

  • Use block sender frequently
  • Go to home>Junk>block sender which help outlook to quickly relocate it
  • Setup a blocked sender list enabling you to get the list of senders
  • Go to home>junk>junk emails option and select blocked sender tab
  • Create rules for sorting, moving and more
  • Go to home>rules>create rule
  • Select the advanced option button in the create rule dialog box
  • Check the spam folder often in order to keep a view of the spams in the mail making it harmful for the users

Users should call on the Outlook technical support number in order to interact with the experts and get their work done.

How to fix your email if it has been hacked?

Sometimes it also happens with the users that their email account gets hacked which means it is used by someone else who is not welcomed to use it. In such condition, it becomes difficult for the users to maintain their privacy and keep their work secret.

There are few steps which they need to take in order to fix the issue if the account has been hacked

  • Change your password
  • Recapture your account
  • Report the incident to the site
  • Scan your computer with an updated anti-virus
  • Review your personal settings
  • Change password and security questions
  • Check email folders

This will help the users to fix the issue of account being hacked and allow them to continue their work. They need to call on the Outlook customer care number to get the best support.


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