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How to recover Outlook profile step by step

recover Outlook profile

Recover Outlook profile

Outlook is a Microsoft email service. Millions of people use Outlook for sending and receiving emails. You can use it for free on any of your device like laptop, smart phone, tablet etc. You can create your Outlook account and then you have an Outlook profile. Now any email that you have with Microsoft Outlook can be saved to a .pst file. This .pst file will keep track of any email that you have saved in your inbox, outbox and sent items, deleted items and drafts. In case you lose access to an Outlook profile and then you need to rebuild your Microsoft Outlook profile with your previous lost email data then you can you can import the .pst file into your new Outlook profile to obtain the previously lost data.

Steps to recover Outlook profile

You can follow below mentioned steps to recover Outlook profile:

  1. First you need to open Microsoft Outlook. You can see it listed under the programs on your computer.
  2. Once you have located it then click on "File > Identities > Add New Identity." Then enter the desired information. Proceed through the steps until you have created the new identity. You need to be sure to enter the correct email address information. If you don’t know the information you will need to provide in this step then you can consult with your email provider.
  3. After that close Microsoft Outlook. Once you have fully closed Outlook then launch Microsoft Outlook.
  4. Then log into Microsoft Outlook using the identity you just created.
  5. Now select your email inbox. Click on "File > Open." Navigate through the folders to find the .pst file you have saved your personal mail information to. After you have found it, you need to click on "Open" to import the data to Microsoft Outlook. This will restore your profile's inbox and email data.

This is how you can recover your Outlook profile.

Outlook technical support number

Outlook is a Microsoft email service so you can expect best technical support when you are facing any technical problem with your Outlook problem. You can have any kind of technical issue with Outlook like Outlook is not working, how to reset your Outlook password, how to recover your Outlook profile and so on. In any of situation you can dial Outlook technical support number and talk to the technical expert on phone to get the solution to get rid of the technical issue at hand with Outlook.


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