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How to stop Outlook getting closed when minimized

Stop Outlook getting closed when minimized

Stop Outlook getting closed when minimized

The outlook is a free email service which one can use on all the devices like laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. You can install, set up and create an Outlook account to use on your system to send and receive emails. When you work on your system you tend to be working on more than one application at a time. So, sometime you would like to minimize the Outlook while you are working on other application and thus you can switch to Outlook when you want to. But sometime you may find that Outlook is getting closed when minimized instead of going to the taskbar as a short cut icon. You would like to stop this. As an Outlook user, you may get surprised that the Outlook is getting closed when you are minimizing it. But you can note that actually Outlook is not getting closed but the icon of it is hidden in the taskbar when you minimize it. So really the icon status showing in the taskbar might create confusion to you that Outlook is getting closed. However, you can stop Outlook from getting closed when minimized. What this means is that you would prevent the Outlook icon from being hidden in the taskbar when you minimize it.

Steps to stop Outlook getting closed when minimized

So, as mentioned above when you minimize the Outlook then it does not get closed but the gets hidden in the taskbar. You can follow below steps to stop Outlook getting closed when minimized:

  • First, you need to click the ‘Show hidden icon’ button in the Taskbar to display the icons box.
  • After that you can find and right-click the Outlook icon, then uncheck Hide When Minimized option from the list.

Now the problem is solved. Now when you minimize Outlook you will still see the icon of it highlighted in the taskbar and there would be no further confusion that Outlook has got closed.

Contact Outlook Helpline Number

Outlook is a very popular and free email service offered by Microsoft. Outlook offers so many features to users that they find it quite easy and convenient to use. But still, you may need help with some issues or information related to Outlook. Microsoft is a world-class company and it offers customers all kinds of help in many ways when the users need it. For support, you can go online to the official support page of Microsoft and choose Outlook to see the information which may answer your problem right there. And you also have the option to get help via email, live chat and on phone. If you want to talk to the representative on phone to get your issue solved then you can dial Outlook helpline number.


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