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How to View Outlook Emails on an iPhone

How to View Outlook Emails on an iPhone

Step to Get outlook email on iphone

If you are using Outlook as your mail client then you will look to view your emails on IPhone also. How can you view your Outlook Emails on IPhone? Follow below steps:

  1. Click the “Settings” icon on your iPhone. Scroll down to Mail, Contacts, Calendars and click on the arrow.

  2. Choose “Add Account” from the Account section of Settings. Choose “Microsoft Exchange.”

  3. Fill in the blanks to the right of Email, Username and Password. Skip Domain. Change the description if you wish; iPhone automatically fills it in based on your previous information.

  4. Click “Next.” The iPhone tries to find your mailbox. If it is successful, click “Next” and skip the next two steps. If not, you must manually enter your settings.

  5. Log in to the Outlook Web App with the URL given to you by your network administrator, if you do not know the server name. Your iPhone can now find your mailbox.

  6. Click “Options | See All Options | Account | My Account | Settings for POP, IMAP, and SMTP Access" to find the server name.

  7. Choose any or all of the folders you wish to sync from Mail, Contacts or Calendar. Click “Save.” Keep the default settings or customize as you wish.

  8. Click the Home button on the iPhone and then click the mail icon. Wait for your email to appear.

Some email not showing on IPhone

If you are facing this problem then you can follow below solution:

Keep scrolling (pulling) down to the bottom of your Inbox listing to make the app load more mail. (Older versions of iOS Mail showed a "Load More Messages" button at the bottom of the list. iOS 8.x and above just takes the hint when you reach the bottom of the list and goes on to show more.) Repeatedly scrolling down will make the app fetch each next batch of messages so it'll be able to start filling in any gaps or ranges of dates it hadn't displayed as of yet.

Outlook password recovery number

If you forgot your Outlook password you can recover it through a link on your Outlook password recovery number. If your problem still persists then you can dial Outlook technical support number.


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