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Outlook is not sending email

Outlook is not sending email

Outlook is Not Sending Emails

You have composed an email and prepared it to send. When you have clicked the Send button, your email automatically moved to your Outbox. Outlook account is not sending emails. All emails are directly moving into the Outbox which is not desired at all. Well, it is a common issue raised by the outlook account users. To know the reason, you first need to check if you receive an error message while sending the email. There is likely to be a communication problem if you are receiving error messages while performing the send/receive operation.

Your server settings should be unchanged

So to perform this action, you need to follow the instructions given by Outlook Technical Support Number. Make sure that the mail server settings are up to date. Your internet service provider should not block the port number that you are using as your outgoing mail server port. You can’t be able to perform a send/receive operation if there is a change in your mail server which is likely to happen because the providers of mail servers sometimes change port numbers or authentication methods.

Your internet connection should be reckless

Do not forget that the outlook emails are not ideal to send attachments that are larger than 20 MB. If your attachment is within this range, you need a properly performing connection to send that email. You will not be able to perform this operation if you are on a slow internet connection. So, we request you to make sure that the internet connection is reckless and properly performing.

Your local Outlook emails should be unread

Your local Outlook configuration should be unchanged if you want to perform a sending/receiving operation. You don’t know how to troubleshoot outlook when you cannot send or receive e-mail. Well, you are likely to face this problem if you don’t have the habit of previewing the Outbox emails. Here are some conditions that you need to follow in order to handle this situation. The email is ready to send if it is bold and italic. It is a read email if it is just marked with bold. But in case your email is not marked with bold or italic, it is read and edited.

Your email sending quota should not be surpassed  

It will not be a possible job for you to send or receive an email if your account has surpassed its hourly or daily email sending quota. That’s why you are instructed to check your email sending quota before performing a sending operation. If you are not satisfied with this, you could take the suggestion from Outlook Toll-Free Number.


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