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Useful Tips and Tricks for Hotmail and Outlook Users

Tips and Tricks for Hotmail and Outlook Users

Most Popular Outlook & Hotmail Tips, Tricks and Secrets

When you use Hotmail and Outlook, it is always useful for you to know some tips and tricks that is useful in using Hotmail account and Outlook account in a better way. If you know these tips and tricks it saves lot of time and energy for you also makes things easier.

Create Email Alias for Hotmail and Outlook Account

When you use Hotmail or Outlook you have the choice to send emails without disclosing your identity. If you want to do so then Hotmail allows you to do so. You can create alias against your account which you can configure when you are creating your Hotmail or Outlook account. In this way you can make multiple alias with unique names against all your Hotmail or Outlook account and send emails without disclosing your identity.

Renaming of Hotmail and Outlook Current Email Address

As there are several tricks to use with Hotmail and Outlook account, one of them is renaming your current email address. Hotmail or Outlook users can rename their email address with the new mail id according to the choice of the user. Here you should note one thing that when you rename your email id it works like previous one but all the new emails that come to this are stored in the new inbox. But you can use the older mails in a separate folder.    

You Can Recover Your Lost Messages

If for some reason like deliberate or unknown or in case account being hacked, you have lost or deleted some messages and now you want to recover them then you can do so. For this you can seek the help from Hotmail or Outlook technical support team and they will instruct you about recovering your lost messages.

Extra Space for Storing Mails

You might be looking for extra space to store your mails, files and attachments. If such is the case both Hotmail and Outlook allows you extra space for this purpose. As per your demand Hotmail and Outlook will stretch the space already given to you. If still you don’t get it you can seek support from Hotmail or Outlook Technical Support team asking them to provide you extra space.

Instant Action at One Click

One more trick or tip you should be aware of about Hotmail or Outlook account is that you can mark or label each mail as per your priority or action required on them. It is possible for you through small icons which appear on the right side of each mail along with the sender’ name and subject lines in your mailing list. This feature saves time and provides shortcuts through tinny icons at just one click away of your finger.


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