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Where is the outlook backup file located

outlook backup file location

Steps to know Where is the outlook backup file located

Working on outlook is a very easy task and it comes with multiple features which makes it easy for the users to manage their work and allow them to keep a record of their work. It comes with different features which makes it a popular choice among the users for their professional work.

The best part of working on the outlook is that the users can also keep a backup file which helps them to restore their work whenever required and makes it easy for them to work. The backup file is generally located in the system itself which makes it possible for the users to get its access and get going with their work.

In order to know about the location of the backup file users need to go through the given steps to locate outlook backup file and get the record of their work to continue.

  • Go to the my computer
  • Locate users in the C drive
  • Go to app data then local then Outlook
  • In outlook go to tools option
  • Select options
  • Go to mail setup
  • Choose the data files from the list

These steps will help the users to get the backup file for their oulook and make it easy for them to access their saved files without any lose. It will make it possible for them to continue their work and provide ease to them in their work.

If users find any issue then they can also call on the outlook customer care number where they can interact with the experts who will provide them the best solution for their issues and allow them to get the access of their backup file.

Another option is to call on the outlook technical support number and get connected with the technical experts to find the accurate solution for their issues.


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